An angry ex-cop gave the now-infamous Hayden Kho the water treatment at the Senate hearing on the videos that the hopefully soon-to-be-stripped-of-medical-license doctor secretly shot with camera phone while doing the deed with different women. The videos which first came out on the Internet are now selling like hotcakes in dibidis and have taken the country’s–and the Senate’s–attention away from things that actually matter.

On the other hand, while the the tale of the Careless Whisper has been the topic of inane talk and has hogged much Internet bandwidth, I hope that a legislation will be made that will criminalize recording and distribution of such moments that were shown in the Haydengate videos without the consent of all parties involved.


And to Abner Afuang–magaling! magaling! Next time, prepare to throw a shoe or a wooden bakya at that singer-slash-porn star wannabe. I can’t believe that there are people who sympathize with Hayden Kho. Just because he’s baby faced and got such an embarrassing treatment during a televised hearing doesn’t make him less guilty. Remember ang anak ni Janice? And puhleez, Jamby, pick on someone your size and let the poor ex-cop go. He only did what someone else might have done if they had the opportunity.

Today’s water situation at the Senate is reminiscent of this classic movie scene straight out of 1984. It’s Lavina, beeches!

Via Chuvaness