TGIF looklet

Things to do this weekend:

  1. Clean up. My room, as much as my life, needs a post-summer cleaning even if daily temperatures still hit 35-degree-Celsius high.
  2. Replace my stand-alone closet because I need to free up space in my room for a shelf and a full-body mirror.
  3. Finish reading Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw so I can start re-reading Hillary Mantel’s Wolf Hall.
  4. Play badminton in preparation for the mothership’s sports fest this July. Yikes! It’s been ages since I last joined a tournament.
  5. Re-create the website mock-up that I have been working on for two weeks now, but this time using some my coding somewhat-ninja. I’m very excited about this, no joke!
  6. Start a new, fun blog. Which is not a replacement for this one. It’s about another topic(s). And about which I would be too embarrassed to share. So no, it’s just another online hobby.
  7. Spend less time tinkering around Cafe World and Facebook.
  8. (Tentatively) Discover a new restaurant, possibly with littlest sister.
  9. Watch The Damned United DVD. I love Michael Sheen. Let’s celebrate soccer football even if everybody else is glued to the NBA finals (thank God it’s finished!).
  10. See if I could get another freelancing gig. I need more money for future trips. I need a new visa. Or a couple of visas. Or maybe three visas!

I wonder which ones I’d be able to accomplish by the end of weekend.