I realized that this blog was set to GMT+8:00, so the the post that I wrote for November 18 was published as November 19. Anyway, I arrived on November 18, Sunday, 12:30 PM (ET) at JFK.

I guess I just have to adjust the time manually then. This is going to be a quick rundown of what happened during my “official” first day here, which was November 19, Monday.

I reported to our NYC office at 10:00 AM. The office is located on 42nd West (I still have to figure out how to properly write the street addresses here, so bear with me), between 7th and 8th Aves.

However, I’ll be reporting somewhere in downtown Manhattan, so my NYC route now starts at 42nd W Station where I get off from the NJ bus. Then, walk towards 7th, passing by Broadway, take the R train at 42nd street – Times Square station, heading downtown or Bay Ridge. The 30-minute subway ride stops at Whitehall St. – South Ferry. And the rest is left to a bit more of walking.

Either way, my commute lasts for 1 to 1.5 hrs, depending on motor and human traffic. New Yorkers are ever-ready to give you directions and God knows how many times I might have boarded the wrong train or the wrong bus if not for the patience of some nice NYC commuters who told me which station to get off of, which bus to take or which exit gates to take.

Commuters are very very courteous to drivers (and vice versa). Last night, I witnessed just how every person that got off the bus thanked the lady driver. She, in turn, said “You’re welcome” so many times in a very friendly way. We don’t have that in Manila…ever.

As I was crossing Broadway, some homeless guy and a truck driver got into a shouting match. Towards 7th Street, cops converged by a corner to re-direct traffic.

It’s not so difficult to find your way around. For me, it’s mostly because of the people and the correct–THE CORRECT!–street signs.

Anyway, the best part of the daily trip is the 20-minute walk on Broadway-Times Square. I’m just a bit worried how this commute should play out since my training starts at 8AM every day. The earliest bus out of my zone in Jersey is at 6:50.

I’m still jet-lagged, but at least I got two more hours of sleep. Today should be better, I hope.

I’d like to see around downtown. Wall Street is just four blocks away and that’s not so far by NY standards. Everybody here walks.

Just got snowed on in the 40-something-Fahrenheit morning yesterday. It snowed lightly on my part of Jersey yesterday morning. The winds are chilly and need a bit of getting used to.

The bus was delayed by a full 10 minutes.

My jet lag was so bad, I could fall asleep standing. No amount of caffeine worked by after-lunch.

I think the adjustment will set in by tomorrow (time here). By then, I’d be back to writing, emailing and doing anything substantive.