I am saying this for the gazillionth time: I enjoyed every second of Iron Man 2. Six months after revealing Iron Man’s true identity and running a successful campaign to “privatize world peace,” Tony Stark finds himself a stronger enemy in the Russian Ivan Vanko (the fantastic-as-anything-mental Mickey Rourke) while dying from toxins in his blood courtesy of the palladium in his arc reactor (that mechanical heart thing). Enemy states and rival companies have been attempting to copy Stark’s technology, and with competition often comes shady deals and collaborations, even with scientists of questionable histories. What follows is an often funny but at times touching scene that typically points to the fact that Tony didn’t get a lot of hugs from daddy.

One could probably always explain that a person’s KSP tendencies often stems from lack of parental attention, and this film explores and pokes fun at the theory. Forget about the CGI–is crisp and is more enjoyable on a two hundred-foot-tall screen. Scarlett Johansson’s sex appeal as Natalie Rushman is not over the top; her fight scene is one of the best in the film, rehashed as it might be from movies showing hot babes unsubtly putting bad guys out of consciousness. And much as I liked Terence Howard as the original best buddy, Col. Rhodes, there’s something about Don Cheadle’s portrayal of the character that brings more heart and fun to it, and thus makes the character better. And Pepper Potts’ mother hen gives just the right punch to Stark’s irresponsible brat. And the villains? Do.not.piss.the.Russians.

Unless you are Warren Buffet, when you become too rich, too successful, and basically too big a person to be ignored and you know it, then others will tend to shoot you or take a gander at your sense of self-importance. It’s just that in the case of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, it’s sexy and it’s fun to be egomaniacal as long as you understand the importance of your own legacy. Or maybe it’s just endlessly amusing to put his feet on the ground, and Favreu and company know it. Or maybe Robert Downey Jr. is sexy, full stop.

There’s supposed to be something at the end of the credits, but I asked Doj to leave soon because I have a low EQ, haha! Sorry, girl.


I watched the film for the second time yesterday with littlest sis, who as of yesterday viewing had already seen Iron Man 2 for the 4th time. Give her another viewing and she would be quoting lines.

So apparently, the teaser after the end credits is for Thor.