Before I allow myself to get suckered into this emo thing, here’s a gem of a mockumentary about the trend that has permeated today’s pop culture. I still don’t get the fashion, but what the hey–it is a statement, right?

I don’t get the music either. I once asked around what music genre such and such band fell under, and most of the people answered “emo”. I did not realize that I’d been listening to a lot of emo. When I asked what emo exactly meant, instead of describing the genre, they dropped the names of a number of bands that I thought played rock or alternative rock music. That just got me more confused and I wished I didn’t ask at all. Eventually, I figured that it’s about being emotional (read: depression, solitude, the feeling that nobody understands you) and on several occasions, contemplative.

Okay, I confess that Dashboard Confessional was one of the first profiles I friended on MySpace.