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Go through the day as if nothing happened. Leave your desk when it’s time to do so because you are not up to any last-minute meetings and sit-downs anymore, and head to the nearest mall. Or in this case, the supermarket.

Remember that you have to purchase a clip-on lamp, you know, that kind where the base is a humongous clip instead of just a round heavy plate. Bemoan the fact that they had all sorts of cheap lamps on the rack, but not the one that you need. In frustration, head off to one of your favorite aisles: the Asian section. You are in an Asian country, and yet there is still a special section for “Asian” stuff, but that’s okay. At least they have stocked up on your favorite instant Korean noodles. Get a pack, oops it sells for P72 each. Kind of pricey for a noodle, don’t you think? I’d get two. Still too expensive. Leave the other pack. Sort through the spicy noodles. Get five packs. Still pricey. Leave four out.

Check the veggies section. Where on earth do they keep the corn-and-carrots packs? Oh well, next time. Just get the already chopped chop suey mix. Grab a bag of your favorite pandesal. Syet naman, kuya, bakit mo ako binunggo ng cart mo? Ang cute mo pa naman.

As you walk to the cashier, you pass by the luggage area and can’t help checking out what they’ve got in stock. Ooh, they have the model that you want et voila!… it’s a lot cheaper now. Due to the forthcoming Korean trip in winter, you would need a bigger luggage to stuff your winter coats, boots, and what-nots in. Ask the sales assistant to show the luggage to you. He complied, and you would have bought the thing if you had extra cash. No dice, maybe on the next pay day; you could have helped the assistant meet his much needed sales quota, but you had already put your extra cash in your checking account. Babalikan ko na lang, you promised him and you hoped he would still be the guy manning the luggage corner on your return. More to the point, you should hope the model that you wanted was still there, including the “free” carry-on. The polka dotted one in orange was sort of cute.

Don’t forget the pass by the alcohols section and get a can, one measly can, of beer.
Head off to the register and pay for the impulse purchase. Add another impulse buy by grabbing the eco-friendly shopping bag and thus get two points for each of the item that you bought on the loyalty card. Total points: 4. Get the heck out of the place. Most women buy shoes when they’re down. You buy groceries. Time indeed changes one’s perspective. Or one’s buying habits.

Tomorrow, life should still go on, hopefully as planned. Try not to be late to work. Accomplish something. Run. Fortune favors the brave…and the persistent. Now read up on your assignment instead of procrastinating. The latest K-drama dibidi can wait.