I haven’t taken any “quality” photos of the trip yet because I’m still too busy adjusting and soaking in all the necessary knowledge. I’m getting by and doing good, though, in spite of the freezing weather.

The first thing that I have to adjust now is the ruddy body clock. No matter what I do, I still wake up at bloody 1:30 AM. I love being a morning person (which I often am not), but waking up at 1:30 is a little too extreme. When mid-day rolls around, I roll around like a zombie complete with glazed look and red eyes.

My commute to 1NYP starts with a bus ride from Harmon Meadow. Bus 120 stops in front of the hotel to pick up an assortment of passengers, mostly composed of Indians who are also staying at Homestead Studios. I’m the only Filipino in the batch I know of. And then there are two or three locals who leave their cars in the huge parking lot across the hotel and take the bus to the city.

I take a short walk from PABT building on 42nd and 8th towards the subway station on 7th Avenue. From there, I take either W or E, whichever arrives first, which will stop at Whitehall station in front of One New York Plaza.