Since the start of the year, I have already resolved to get more stamps on my passport . I have been hoping wanting to travel these past two years, but I was either too busy, too distracted, or too poor to sign up for the next available seat sale. But so far in this quarter alone, I have booked three trips already; make that three-and-a-half if you throw in the ML-SG that KL-based Drop2 has hopefully booked for May 🙂

I’m off to Singapore with littlest sis next month, a Malaysia-SG sojourn with Titans badminton buddies (I absolutely miss going out of town with these crazy lovely folks!) in May, and then Hong Kong in November with my mother who, as of this writing, still doesn’t know that I have booked flights for us. I just hope she finally manages to get her passport application done, as I have been asking her to get one for three years already.

So thank you, Cebu Pacific, and let’s hope that I won’t have to go through those horror stories shared by unhappy customers. And let’s hope you ain’t no Zest Air either. I never want to get aboard those MAC-60 planes again, having read on an online forum that they haven’t received international aviation security certifications.

The downside of these bookings, of course, is that I’m up to my nose in credit card debt. However, that’s one inconvenience that I can live with.

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