I don’t have high hopes for this upcoming film, but perhaps the fact that it’s based on the graphic novel, 300, by Frank Miller who also worked as a consultant for the film, or that the CGI looks rather mind-blowing, is reason enough to watch it at a moviehouse and not on lame “cinema copy” dibidi.

300 portrays the Battle of Thermopylae, where small Greek city states united to fight the invading Persians. A small army of 300 led by King Leonidas defended the pass against the much bigger force under Xerxes I. What ensued was one of history’s best examples of military maneuvers that involved good training, knowledge of terrain and a well-equipped although much smaller army. The Persians fielded more than 2 million fighters against the 5 thousand Greeks, which already included the 300 under the command of Leonidas. The invaders eventually won the battle, but not without great loss compared to that suffered by the defenders.

After watching Gerard Butler in a number of crappy films, I believe the only reason I would want to see him again taking a lead role is that he looks good in red knickers. All that shouting only makes me go, “Ugh!” A handsome Rodrigo Santoro is too much to ask for. But actors aside, the reason I will see 300 is the film itself.