I accompanied my sister to a facial clinic this afternoon for her first *ever* facial treatment. I guess she needed moral support more than the facial, so off I went with her. A typical facial clinic like the one we went to looks like a hospital’s charity ward–there are rows upon rows of bed where customers, men and women, lie down to get whatever treatment they paid for. Some are getting facials and foot spa at the same time, so while their feet are being scrubbed, their faces are being poked. Talk about up and down treatments.Maybe it’s different with the super upscale derma clinics, but we don’t belong to the market segment they cater to, so I am not interested in finding out.

Because I didn’t want to have to wait for an hour for my sister, I thought I might as well get a facial. It had been more than two months since my last treatment anyway, plus I needed a good eyebrow grooming. And so came threading, which hurt so much, my eyelids were still red half an hour after we left. That’s what I get for not having it done regularly, on top of sporting bushy eyebrows. At P100 to P150 a pop, threading is well worth the money and initially, the pain.