I don’t remember anymore who taught me to sing Pinoy folk songs, such as Bahay Kubo, Leron Leron Sinta, and Paro-Parong Bukid; it must have been my Lola, my mother, or my kindergarten teacher. However, I learned to appreciate such songs about the simple life on the countryside: there was a the typical nipa hut in the middle of a vegetable garden, a young man named Leron unsuccessfully picking papaya fruits from a wobbly tree, and a barrio lass metaphorically referred to as a butterfly (paru-paro).

I wonder what kids nowadays sing at classrooms apart from the usual ABC and Twinkle Twinkle little stars, especially at private pre-elementary schools. Do parents and teachers, especially those who insist that their kids speak only English, still teach their kids to sing folk songs? Or do we only find it cool when foreign choirs sing our Bahay-Kubo, and whatnot?