It has been a long, hot, and boring five-day Easter break. Even when I was a kid, I dreaded Holy Week all because it spelled b-o-r-i-n-g. No TV, no radio, and worst of all, we were not allowed to play. All that boredom plus the weird beliefs, such as no one should take shower after 3:00 PM on Good Friday, eating pork was prohibited, and no one should climb any tree lest they wanted to be attached to it until after Easter made everything simply unbearable. I am glad I’ve finally outgrown these superstitions and the inexplicable requirement that we had to attend the “Seven Last Words” sermon on sleepy Good Friday afternoon at a nearby stuffy chapel. There wasn’t anything much to do but contemplate the sacrifice of Christ as if we children actually understood what it meant. I still don’t understand everything about the crucifixion, but I guess that part should be covered by faith, right?

Holy Week is still boring, but I’m glad that there are streams of DVDs and reading materials to keep me sane. Life was back to semi-normal by Saturday so there were malls and moviehouses to go to, my mom went to Baguio with the rest of the extended family, and I finished watching 17 episodes of season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy yesterday. Speaking of Grey’s, perhaps due to the audience’s clamor for Denny Duquette, the pre-season break episode where Meredith fell into a coma, showed another touching Izzie/Denny scene:

“I wanted to tell you that things would be different this time.
But I see you, you see me,