In contrast to the nearly exaggerated emphasis on security at the mothership, one could bring just about anything at the stepmothership. Flash drives, smart phones, and mp3 players lying around are not a rare sight, and in fact, one could even purchase an mp3 player from the mothership intranet store. I should be glad for such small creature comforts as listening to my favorite tunes on my kikay pod and the ability to text, call or check my schedule on my trusty Moto. And I ruddy am.

I missed the DVD sale at the reception area the other day, though. In spite of my non-working dibidi player, I’m still acquiring new titles, particularly the ones that never made it to local cinemas and would not make it to video stores. So far, I have “blu-ray” copies of Love in the Time of Cholera and Cinema Paradiso. And if I so much as get a glimpse of the films that we used to review at film class back in college, I would trade in half of my weekly lunch budget. This is one convenience that I had stopped enjoying ever since I jumped ships from Ayala to Pasong Tamo, and having someone bring in contrabands all the way to the office premises is sort of…fun. Give me the classics, yo, and more of that dude who played the serial killer in that Cohen brothers movie.

From snacks to pirated media to…bags! There is an on-going sale of luxury bags (Chanel, LV, Prada, etc.) at the 5th floor. Everything sells for about half of the original price, but that is still a lot if you’re talking about parting with 50k in cash for a piece of fashion heaven. Apparently, I am neither label-crazy nor high net worth. But trust upon the enterprising among us to offer some pretty, authentic (I hope! How would I know?), price-friendly for the budget-friendly stuff. Receiving a catalog of purty things last night felt like a walk into the budget section of lower Manhattan’s best kept retail secret: Century 21.

I chose three items from the catalog…or zipped photos, but what the hey, digital is cheaper; cheaper overhead means less cost passed on to customers.

Ralph Lauren bag

Preppy. I like!

Nine West white bag White. Perfect if you are riding jeepneys through Makati’s smoggy
rush hour traffic. And when you’re in Makati, every hour is rush hour.
So sold.

tommy hilfiger sporty bag Sporty. I like the most! Sold 🙁
I also like that man-purse with shiny gold lame that Fed uses at this year’s Wimbledon, but I’m afraid that bag was made only for him, much like the Uncle Ho jacket.

UPDATE: This is what I ended up with. Tommy Hilfiger Med Iconic Tote.