It has been in existence for three seasons already, and I never learned about it until two weeks ago. Now I’m hooked to the British sitcom, The IT Crowd.

It is about a tech support team working at the basement of a London high-rise and whose existence the rest of their colleagues often forget unless their help is needed in fixing computer problems. To the dismay of the Irish Roy and the computer genius but socially inept Moss, these computing issues stem from the utter lack, if not the total absence of, technical knowledge. Their de facto solution: power cycling. Roy and Moss report to Jen who knows nothing about computers and the web.

I have met quite a few people who resemble the characters in this comedy show–mostly in a nice way–and I think that sometimes I am one of them. On many occasions, I feel like Jen but a lot less clueless. At least I know that the Internet does not reside in a box. I think.