Finally, the days of blaring awful jingles and campaign rallies are over. The last two nights of the campaign period have set off massive traffic jams in parts of the city, particularly on major roads traversed by motorists going to and from work in various pockets of Makati.

My apartment building sits right beside a three-road intersection, which unclassy and inconsiderate mayoralty candidates decided to close down on several occasions so they could stage their variety shows/rock concerts-cum-campaign rallies until way past midnight. To make matters worse, these rallies often ended with fireworks displays that unfortunately exploded right in front of my window, sending fumes right into my room. I’m even surprised that my glass windows didn’t develop cracks due to the vibrations that the fireworks sent rippling through the building.

Of course campaigns are but part of the democratic process, but it doesn’t mean that candidates are free to turn public places into their concert grounds until the wee hours of the morning, especially on weeknights when many people around the neighborhood have to be early at work, or cordon off major roads, forcing motorists and pedestrians to take other routes to reach their destinations.

I’m sure that even years after the elections, there will still be more of kids like this in the neighborhood.  There is a part of me that has just stopped caring…

…knowing that a lot of taxes, donations and public funds are stashed somewhere, instead of spent on improving people’s lives, so that come election time, we will have more of these: