Ngong Ping 360 Big Budda

We were blessed with clear weather on the day we scheduled a trip up Ngong Ping Village via cable car. The trip takes 25 minutes each way, and it is best to get to the cable car station as early as possible to avoid the crowds of tourists lining up for tickets. Otherwise, you may opt to purchase tickets in advance.

Ngong Ping Cable Car
The crowd waiting for their turn. 

Ngong Ping Cable Car
Shades, sunblock, and hats do come in handy when visiting on a sunny day.

Ngong Ping 360
Different ways to say “Welcome”.

There are two options for cable car rides: by standard cabins costs HK$135 return, while taking the “crystal” cabin, which has a glass floor, will set you back HK$213. This page has more information about ticket prices.

Ngong Ping Cable Car, Tung Chung Bay
Due to the number of people lining up, we had to share a cabin with other guests. However, we got  lucky to be sharing it with a nice family from Singapore and avoided the rowdy kids from… uhmmm… somewhere else!

Ngong Ping Cable Car
Passing by towers always freaks me out, for some reason.

Ngong Ping Cable Car, Lantau Island
Lantau Island

Ngong Ping Cable Car, HKIA
You can see airplanes landing and taking off from Hong Kong International Airport Between
Towers 2B and 3. 

Ngong Ping Cable Car
Tung Chung Bay

At Ngong Ping Village

The village has a number of restaurants and souvenir shops…plus a Starbucks and
a Subway branch.

Ngong Ping, Switzerland Cable Car
My favourite at the International Cable Car gallery.

A lucky tiger (cat?) installation at the entrance of one of the many shops inside the village

Where I come from, these warning signs would only be treated as suggestions. Glad to know some rules are still being followed somewhere else.

Dawg’s chillin’ by the gates

The walk towards Po Lin Monastery

Much as I wanted to see the Tian Tian Buddha up close, I wasn’t too keen on climbing 240 steps.  Some other time, maybe, when I’m back on my fitness routine.

Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Ngong Ping Village
I wish I had my DSLR so I could take better pictures. This was as good as I could get with
my point-and-shoot.