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Attack of the giggles

Roger giggles, and it makes the CNN Back Story segment. Now I’m less morose.

The Shot

“Almost anyone who loves tennis and follows the men’s tour on television has, over the last few years, had what might be termed Federer Moments. These are times, as you watch the young Swiss play, when the jaw drops and eyes protrude and sounds are made that bring spouses in from other rooms to see if you’re O.K.

“The Moments are more intense if you’ve played enough tennis to understand the impossibility of what you just saw him do. We’ve all got our examples. Here is one.”

— David Foster Wallace, Federer as Religious Experience, The New York Times.


Federbear is here

Ayeee! After five weeks of waiting, the claim stub for my Tennis Warehouse package arrived yesterday. Inside was the cute “Federbear” beanie baby bear and a white cotton shirt with gold monograms. Don’t ask who; it should be a dead giveaway. The shirt is a tad bigger than my size since it’s a men’s shirt, but that’s okay, I can have it fixed. I think.

Part of the Beanie’s proceeds goes to charity, so buying the Federbear is a good way of splurging on something that on the outset looks inconsequential. But ja! I want to join UNICEF’s effort to promote world peace and feed hungry children everywhere. There are millions of starving children in the Philippines alone because of runaway pro-creation among irresponsible and/or ignorant parents. Anyway, Mr. Bean is not the only one allowed to keep a teddy bear all the time. Plus, there are tennis champions who also advocate world peace, not just inspire online retail therapies.

Roger Federer Beanie Baby, Federbear