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Can we skip to December NOW???

Peter Jackson and friends has just released the trailer second installment of The Hobbit, and fanboys and fangirls everywhere rejoice at the sight of elves.

There’s much in the trailer that is not in the book. For example: the dwarves were sealed in tightly in their own barrels and were not exactly pursued by orcs as they floated down the river. What’s the lady elf doing in there? 
I remember Legolas making an appearance in Silmarillon, but not in The Hobbit.
And oh yes… Legolas is back!
Thranduil’s eyebrows are epic. I loved Lee Pace in Pushing Daisies, and I wish that series had survived longer than its meager two seasons.
Evelyn Lilly as an elf makes an appearance. Girl power, yes, but we need more background on her character. She must have figured in some supporting books on Tolkien universe.
What’s the deal with Bard the Bowman’s (Luke Evans) kinda mullet?
Richard Armitage, a.k.a., Thorin. ‘Nuff said.

Bedtime stories that make kids fall asleep and keep moms awake

Rupert Penry-Jones reads a bedtime story about pirates:
“Hot Dwarf” Richard Armitage reads a story about a squirrel.

Doctor Who and Harry Potter alum, David Tennant, reads a story about a mouse in the big city.

Toby Stephens (a.k.a., Maggie Smith’s son) reads about farmland flyers.

I’ve seen ‘The Hobbit’ thrice and it’s still awesome

The Hobbit movie poster, dwarves

 I don’t think I could get enough of The Hobbit, of Bilbo and company, or of Thorin, the hot dwarf. I’m still gathering my thoughts on the film and the viewing experiences, but so far:

  • This is not a film for kids, and thank God for that!
  • This film is meant to be seen on the big screen…the biggest one can find in town. In 3D.
  • I’m liking it better than Fellowship of the Ring, which I have now found to be a bit too saccharine after having seen it a dozen times. The Frodo-Sam bromance is just too much.
  • While we may never know how Guillermo Del Toro would have treated the film, I’m glad that Peter Jackson still took over and retained the look and feel of the original trilogy. 
The Hobbit, Dwarves, Fili, Ori, Oin, Bilbo
  • In Middle Earth, each species/race embodies a certain socio-economic or educational level and temperament from the human world. 
  • Thorin is the new Aragorn, but I’m glad that his part in the story doesn’t have a love story arc.
The Hobbit - Dwarves looking at Thorin
  • Kili is designed to be the dwarf version of Legolas…but I guess girls always prefer blondes with no facial hair. 
  • That awesome moment when Thorin and company sing the Misty Mountain song.
  • Thorin Oakenshield. Richard Armitage is brilliant, not to mention hot, as the exiled dwarven king.
The Hobbit - Thorin Oakenshield, Richard Armitage
  • Read the book and be glad that the filmmakers were faithful to the source material.  
  • I had nearly thought the film was about Thorin until Bilbo showed bravery against the wargs. 

The Hobbit - Meeting the elves

Discovering ‘The Vicar Of Dibley’

I should have discovered this sitcom a long time ago, and not just when Richard Armitage has finally made it big amongst international audiences via The Hobbit.

Dawn French is brilliant in this British sitcom as the woman vicar in a sleepy English village called Dibley, and I don’t think that in the hands of another comedienne the character would have fared better nor just as well, for that matter.

If you have about an hour to spare, it had better be spent watching this video. It’s worth it, especially if you are of the persuasion that the Bridget Joneses of this world have a fair chance at snagging that elusive Mr. Darcy.

And for the so-called irony challenged: