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Resolutions for 2013

Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are bigger battles out there and time is too precious to spend on things that will not matter in the long run.

Avoid drama at all cost, if possible. Corollary to the point above, be it your own or someone else’s drama, there’s no need to be suckered into issues that one, two, or five years from now you would just laugh about anyway. Avoid drama queens and attention w#ores, too. 
Read at least one book per month. Rediscover the love for reading and the much-needed learning it affords oneself, plus  the wisdom that eventually makes for intelligent conversations.
Show up. It does not matter whether the purpose is to participate or just to make an appearance, but what matters is to be there and make oneself count, or to witness the events that unfold. 
Smile. Life has so much be thankful for and be happy about. Or when one finds oneself with nothing much to be grateful for, at least, smile and keep others guessing. 
Choose the company one keeps carefully. There are people whose presence suck the marrow out of one’s life; there are those whose seemingly good intentions one has to be absolutely wary about; and then there are those whose presence makes one feel that the time spent with them are worthy of the moments that one can never get back. Stick to those who are worthy of one’s trust and esteem and leave the shallowness of high-schoolers behind.
Set boundaries. You do not have to be best friends with everyone, for at the end of the day, people are merely  individuals who have their own lives to live and goals to pursue. 
Drink moderately. Sweet Jesus, do I know that by now! Hah! 
Travel. To quote Gandalf: The world is not in your books and maps; it’s out there!

Work hard. People may argue until they are blue in the face that the way to make it in this life is not necessarily to work hard but to work smart, but there just is no substituting for the former. Success takes planning, thinking, and a lot of effort, not office-politicking. 
Take care of oneself. Do not feel guilty about getting pampered, buying that pair of shoes, being and eating healthy, signing up for gym classes. When all you’ve got is you, wouldn’t it be fabulous to get the love that you deserve from the person that matters most to you?
Write more, Facebook/Twitter/[insert social media here] less.

Learn. Whether it’s a new language, a new skill, a musical instrument, a technical knowledge. One never knows when a new ability would come in handy.
Get active. Run, dance, walk; join zumba classes; sign up for that gym membership; swim; do yoga; lift weights; play your favourite sport. The options are just about as endless as your capacity to take that extra serving of dessert, so your body will need all the help it can get from a bit of moving about.

    Christmas wish ko lang!

    Just a couple of items more, and my Christmas shopping is done.  On the other hand, as everybody else is making their wish lists, I’m joining the bandwagon although as usual, I end up giving gifts that I wish for to myself. Here be the Christmas “wish ko lang!” list:

    1. Kindle 3G/Wifi. I’d like to be able to carry around all my reading materials for when I have to pass the time or queue up at the taxi bay or access a reference.
    2. A tablet computer. Whether an iPad, a BlackBerry Playbook, or the Samsung Galaxy, I want one. I “wish ko lang!” for one.
    3. Clinique Happy – I guess this one will be fulfilled this Christmas, unless those pesky, marauding people at customs filch it.
    4. Another perfume that I love is Clean Eau de Parfum, but it’s hard to find in Manila. Fortunately, I’ve discovered that Watsons is selling it at 50% off. 
    5. A Wimax connection to replace sucky SmartBro. 
    6. The Adidas UP track jacket. 
    7. A new badminton racquet. I still have to think which brand and model to add to the arsenal. And while I’m at it…
    8. A new badminton bag like this one, which should be enough to hold two racquets, shoes, toiletries, and an extra set of clothes.
    9. A real leather satchel with enough compartments for my kikay kit, wallet, cell phone, notebook, book, keys, iPod, glasses, pens, flash cards…
    10. A round-trip plane ticket and a tournament ticket to next year’s Shanghai Open, assuming that Le Fed will play.
    11. Roger’s 2011 calendar.
    12. A round-trip ticket for my travel goal for 2011 autumn/winter. I know it’s still too far off,  but it’s never too early to prepare.  Moreover, I’d like to have a good reason to dig my winter coats and boots out of the storage.
    13. Any decent DSLR.
    14. A Pro account on Flickr. 
    15. An extra gig to finance my travel plans, shopping, and compulsive book buying habits.
    16. Successful launch of my projects.
    17. Health, wealth, love, safety and happiness. It’s about time.
    18. Better opportunities in 2011.