I finally joined my first race in Perth last Sunday at the HBF Run for a Reason 2016. Like most running events everywhere else, this race/fun run supports various charities, and runners had the option to directly donate to specific groups of their choice or set up their own campaigns.

Since I have only been running on and off in the past 10 months and that I wasn’t familiar with how running events were held in Perth, it was starkly different experience from the races that I joined almost weekly in 2014 and 2015. While I was able to put in a few KMs of running prior to our wedding, it was still a shame that I didn’t run as much in spite of the fact that Perth has been designed as if to encourage running, thanks to the miles of bike and foot paths around the suburbs and the many parks that dot the city. So in order to stick to running, I decided to sign up for this year’s HBF event. It also happens that the race that the annual event that the insurance company sponsors is the largest one in the state.

So on the cold morning of 22nd of May, I hauled myself off to the starting line. As I had barely prepared for the race, the 4KM run surely was the only category that I knew I could complete. It was a stark contrast to last year, when a 10KM run was the shortest distance that I would run, and I even managed to complete a 21.8 KM event without much preparation.

I still had fun running with beginners, parentsĀ and their munchkins, moms and dads pushing prams, and few differently-abled participants. The idea was simply to keep moving and have fun in the process. In addition to running a different, more scenic and definitely not polluted route, the race was the coldest that I ran so far, as it was late autumn/early winter in the southern hemisphere. I don’t regret wearing two layers of clothing and boy was I glad for packing my 2XU compression pants!

The race started at the heart of the CBD and ended at a horserace track near the WA Cricket grounds. Similar to running events back in Manila, there were plenty of things for finishers to do after collecting their medals, including free photo sessions and mini contests for prizes. I love how organised the run was, especially since organisers even provided runners with free bus rides going back to CBD.

So yay to my first running event in Perth and I hope to collect more finisher’s medals and run longer distances in the future.