spidermanThe third installment still delivered an entertaining adventure in the Spiderman saga. The heart of the story revolves around choice–specifically, the choices that people make that tag them as either good or bad. Even Spiderman/Peter Parker, has to make the same mistakes and eventually choose to seek what’s fair; this is true for two of the three baddies in the latest, and probably the last, sequel.

The film’s writers firmly established the humanness of Spiderman due mainly to the aspects of his life that he has to fulfill or most of the time complicate his quest to send small-time criminals and souped up bad guys to the gallows–love, academics, work, family, and friendship. Unfortunately, there have been fight scenes that the CGI failed to capture as certain parts of the film looked terribly cartoonish.

You would enjoy Spiderman-3 mainly for its emphasis on the human facet of the lives of its three central characters–Peter, Mary Jane and Harry–and the intricacies of human relationships that they have tangled themselves with, not for the action scenes.

I just fell in love with Harry in this one. *sigh*