Dear Masha,

On top of your many commendable qualities, I wish I had your mile-long legs, your wardrobe, and your fortune. However, if there is one thing about you that I do not wish to have, in addition to your tendencies to express your on-court fierceness vocally, it is your badminton skeellz. Judging by your attire, the court/surface, the choice of arm (aren’t you a righty?), and your pre-smash stance, you are doing it wrong. Moreover, badminton is not a backyard sport.

 Noo! Your tennis shoes would have been more appropriate.

 Paddle shot. You have just injured your elbow.
You have just lost the non-rally, but it should be OK because you’re still fab and fierce, right?

I expected that with badminton being more popular among Europeans (you are European) than Americans, you would have known how to do it better even if it was not your racquet sports of choice. Clearly, you have been taking clues from the Americans, so allow me to remind you that unless you time traveled straight from the 19th century, only kids and drunks play badminton in the backyard.


Photo credits: All I Need is a Picket Fence