I was finally able to take some time off to relax and watch a couple of films last weekend. First off was Harry Potter 6, which I have to say is the best Potter film yet. I suppose it helped that it had been years since I read book 6, so I had forgotten a lot of details about the story, and it made for a better viewing experience. Director David Yates and screen writer Steven Kloves made a swell job of fusing comic relief in between flashbacks to the young life of Voldemort. As the last build-up to the final installment, The Half-Blood Prince should be the darkest yet in the Harry Potter saga since this is where Dumbledore dies in the first place and where Harry decides he has to finally deal with You-Know-Who. Of course you know that by now.

However, for good or bad, much of the middle of the film does not feel that way, thanks to the distraction that Harry’s schoolmates offer through mostly hilarious romantic exploits. Ron finally gets a girlfriend, and Hermione, who never runs out of admirers herself, one of whom is Gryffindor’s version of a pompous jock, gets all jealous. Harry finally falls in love with Ginny, although that kiss is terribly bitin. Did they cut off parts of that scene at the Room of Requirements? Still, the dark lord continues to wreak havoc with the help of his death eaters and deals a huge blow on the good guys with the help of an unexpected accomplice…or is he?