Malacañang cancelled the order for a P1.2-billion “presidential jet” that would have alleviated worries that riding in a civilian airplane “poses high-security risk that may jeopardize life and limb of the President.” As if that wasn’t exactly what Filipinos wanted Macapagal-Arroyo to do.

Here’s a nice tip to Malacanang, courtesy of Philippine Airlines.

This is a slap in the face of local carriers that have enormously helped local and regional tourism prosper by providing affordable rates so Filipinos could travel to various destinations in the country and Southeast Asia. What does Arroyo think makes her different from the rest of us? Oh yes–a $20,000 feast for a “working visit” to the US. Using tax payers’ money. Maybe Lucio Tan and the Gokongweis should not make any contributions to the campaign funds of Arroyo or her party. Hindi daw safe ang eroplano ninyo.

Source: Jet purchase too ambitious for leader of a poor nation (PDI)


I have just found the best airplane for La Presidentita: