I like rains in the afternoons, but not when I’m about to take my commute from work. I like rains in the evenings, but not when I have to compete with Manila’s 15 million other commuters to get a taxi. I like rains in general, but not when it causes horrible traffic jams or when it means getting my shoes soaked in grimy waters.

I guess people are just as fickle when it comes to liking and disliking the weather, and I can tell from their status updates on Facebook, but it has very little effect on people’s moods, according to a Humboldt University study. As CNN weather reports of more wet days to come, bring out your raincoats or umbrellas; stock up on “bed weather” food; find good books to read within the comforts of your room. For this weekend, I’m reading Hunting and Gathering by Anna Gavalda.

One day to go before TGIF.