Bachie has been my guilty pleasure lately, starting with the fourth season of Bachelor Australia, where previous Bachelorette AU contender Richie Strahan went on a (televised) quest to find The One, or at least a potential serious relationship, followed by this season’s Bachelorette, whereby Georgia Love of Tasmania goes on her own quest to finally meet someone she could have a serious relationship with.


On Day 1, my top contenders were Cameron, a firefighter from WA; sales professional Jake; and Clancy after shaving off his beard. As the season progressed, it became apparent who the top contenders would be and who were there just for publicity, namely catalog models Sam and Rhys, and what’s becoming more apparent, “Industrial Designer” Courtney, who actually has dabbled in TV presenting.

Thanks to the most kilig and romantic date that this season’s Bachelorette has seen and that kiss, everyone’s favourite guy became the sweet and gentlemanly Cameron, so it was really heartbreaking for many fans when Georgia didn’t give him a rose in favour of Courtney, who is not only reluctant to have a relationship with her, but is apparently not into her at all. I’m not a fan of his shirts, either, sorry.

How Georgia missed all the clues is mind-boggling, but to be fair to her, she isn’t the first person in the history of both reality TV and IRL to ever miss, if not entirely deny, the utter lack of interest in her of a love interest. It’s just that in the context of TV-land, it’s hard not to feel sorry for her and think that well, she deserves him if she chooses him in spite of all of his shortcomings.

Cameron and Georgeia
Cameron and Georgia

We will all miss Cam on TV, but if Twitter is anything to go by, his popularity amongst fans of the show makes him a potential next Bachelor. And whilst some are rejoicing that he is still single, many have even wildly joked about setting their houses on fire, especially now that the darling from WA is back on the job.

So as I’ve updated my list of contenders with Matty J, it’s good to know that he and Lee are in the final, if paparazzi reports are reliable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t start fires. It’s dangerous and arson is a criminal offence 🙂

UPDATE: Georgia has come to her senses!