Getting Physical on VD

Fitness First RSC

Who knew that the gym would still have a considerable number of people on a Valentines night? As my “consultant” (new marketing speak for Account Manager) quipped, belong na belong tayo! 

Even after a number of years of not going out on Valentines, flexing one’s muscles and burning calories at a nearby fitness club is a novelty, and that’s a welcome thought. I have just renewed my personal fitness package, thankful that I could use my rebate as discount for the next round of sessions with my trainer. So far, I have lost roughly 4% of body fat and increased muscle mass; am running at a faster pace; lifting weights that would have injured me before I started on the regimen; dancing 20 minutes monstop;  started on BodyCombat; and best of all, trimmed 3 inches off my waistline. 
I totally fit into my old jeans and skirts again. No Spanx needed, haha! And i’m just getting started.
Happy VD. 

Gadget Review: Asus Transformer T100 Notebook

I recently joined Joeyboy and company as contributor on Pinoytechblog. It had been a while since I last had a similar gig, so reviewing a gadget felt like having to discover my footing in the tech review space once again. I am looking forward to more  assignments, as it is indeed quite fun working with new tech toys and writing about them from typical consumer’s (read: your grandparents) perspective. There are technical benchmarks to mention (e.g., battery life, processing power, etc.), but at the end of the day, what’s most important is how a gadget will benefit the end-user (or not).

To road warriors who are keen to find a good balance between a truly useful laptop and a tablet, the hybrid ASUS Transformer Book T100 should be an option. With its lightweight build and detachable screen that doubles as a tablet, it gives end-users easy choices for switching between a laptop and a mobile device in one little package.


This entry level machine comes in compact 10.1-inch unit that can be easily carried in a purse or a satchel. The 2-in-1 laptop/tablet device runs on Windows 8.1 and is installed with Windows Office 2013. Note, however, that users must activate the Office package with the serial provided.

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Thoughts on Thor 2

  • Loki (Tom Hiddleston) stole Thor’s thunder. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Loki’s show masquerading as a Thor movie. You gotta respect classically trained actors who can recite Shakespeare lines in a heartbeat or mimic velociraptors–because they can act and not only because they’re hot/adorable. 

  • What becomes of Odin?
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Thor/Chris Hemsworth sounds like Silvester Stallone with British accent? 
  • What’s the point again of adding this character, Ian? 
  • On Loki’s cake-y makeup: I don’t know where to start complaining. Trust my rage.
  • I think the saddest part of the film is when Loki learns of his adoptive mother’s death. 
  • The film is a cross between sci-fi (hello, invisible space ships!) and fantasy/mythology.
  • My problem with the love angle is the lack of chemistry between Hemsworth and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster). 
  • Oh look! It’s Chris O’Dowd (of The IT Crowd fame) as a cutie, thus a love triangle amongst demigod and humans is formed. Oh wait, there’s the bit about the lady warrior, too.
  • Some fights scenes are awkward. Choreography is good, but execution is something else. I’m talking about you Jamie Alexander and dude from Chuck.
  • On Benicio Del Torro’s appearance as The Collector on the first end-credits teaser, it’s interesting; and it’s interesting in a he-looks-like-David-Bowie-gone-rough manner. 
  • End-credits teasers basically are set-ups for  Guardians of the Galaxy and the next Avenger movie. 
  • As Alan Carr said, I didn’t understand what’s going on, but I loved it. One has to start watching the film as an attempt at mixing astrophysics, sci-fi, and fantasy. It can be utterly confusing, so just enjoy the joy ride. Here, enjoy his interview on Chatty Man:

It’s not that I’ve been busy, but…

Here I thought that anyone who’s ever said, “I’m busy!” was just overstating things and giving the impression of their probably self-proclaimed sense of importance.

But yes, I have been busy the past six weeks, I could hardly catch my breath. So what has happened since my last update? Well…

  • I celebrated another birthday for which I am extremely grateful
  • I survived yet another great Manila deluge, which happens oh! every year!
  • Rediscovered old passions – I’m a book and history nut, and there’s nothing I can (nor would change) about it.
  • Spent time with friends, if only to empty my head of plans, worries, and to-dos. Sometimes, you just don’t want to think, full stop.
  • Had people thrown down my path and realised how much I needed them. Some people inspire you to give your very best without knowing it. 
  • Read books and acquired more books than I could possibly read, but who cares?
  • Had THREE haircuts within a span of just four weeks! It’s a record, but please stop before you start judging that I’m depressed. A woman can get a haircut for no emotional reason at all,especially when there’s a really really good ate hairstylist who can whip out a style at a really friendly price point.
  • Missed Pacific Rim at the theaters.
  • Missed Cinemalaya film festival
  • Discovered new art/indie films. Forget Me Not, anyone? I’m just a sucker for walkie-talkie movies.


  • Missed the deadline for enrollment to French language lessons. 
  • Reconnected with an old friend. I still kind of like him, but oh well… 
  • Still wondering what a cronut tastes like. 
  • Still sad that Ben Affleck is the next actor to play Batty instead of Mr. Armitage.
All in all, it’s been quite a nice existence. No dramas, no insane ups and downs, but there’s been no flat-lines either. And so I can say things are — somehow — looking up. And for that I am grateful.

Have the courage to fail big and stick around

Elizabethtown is one of those films that showed promise but didn’t do well amongst mass audiences. Maybe one has to go through some real issues in one’s life to really appreciate the message behind the film. For others, may be it is enough to be a fan of Orland Bloom, who is reprising his role as Legolas in the next installment of The Hobbit.

Following the arch of its more successful predecessors, Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous, this is the story of Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) who gets sacked for costing his company nearly a billion dollars on a terrible shoe design. To make matters worse, his father dies while on a visit to Georgia, and he has to make funeral arrangements that conflict with what his extended family prefers. On the flight to the south, he meets bubbly attendant, Claire (Kirsten Dunst), who has relationship issues of her own, but remains on the brighter side of things. She falls for him, he is too focused on his troubles to care.

What follows captures the idea of a supportive partner, the courage to break the rules, and the are we/are we not a couple conundrum.


Back in the day, Orlando Bloom was one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood, following his portrayal of Legolas, possibly the most gorgeous elf that strutted in Middle Earth and slayed hundreds of orcs with a flick of his bow and arrow. His fame was then confirmed with the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean, although he was outshined by Johnny Depp and even Keira Knightly, both of whom were eventually nominated for Oscars in succeeding roles.


Elizabethtown didn’t do well in the box office, but if you can see past the less than stellar chemistry between the two leads; or Paula Deen’s appearance as Drew’s aunt; or holes in the plot line, you just might end up feeling good about this film, which after all is about love, courage, and redemption.

Side note: In the real world, how a shoe model that has no way of getting sold goes to mass market is unthinkable; more so is the idea of blaming everything on the shoe designer and not on someone higher up the pecking order.