I had forgotten all about the Eraserheads’ concert until a friend reminded me about our plan to watch the band’s concert, aptly titled “The Final Set”, at the SM Mole of Asia. The event was the continuation of the “Reunion” concert held last year which was sadly cut short because frontman Ely Buendia had to be rushed to the hospital.

But boy, was I glad that I watched them last night. The concert, as expected, was not only a continuation of their previous effort, but an overhaul, a redo if you may, of the whole reunion program. They played two (thankfully) complete sets, an encore, and a “second encore” which the band decided to stage just as about half of the spectators had already filed out of the concert grounds.


I admit that I had stopped caring about the Eraserheads when Sticker Happy came around, although Ultraelectromagnetic Pop and Circus contributed much to the soundtrack of my teenage years; the angst, the pang-masa concerns, being lovelorn and dreaming of life’s possibilities in spite of the odds were all given life to by the E-heads. Minsan was all it took for me to wax nostalgic about dorm life in at UP, while Magasin, Torpedo, Alapaap, and Ang Huling El Bimbo reminded me of college buddies, crushes, and the concerts that the band appeared in during Fair season.