Mareng Winnie wouldn’t appreciate it, but Teddy Boy has a point:

“Every person owes his first allegiance to himself, to make the best of his talents, to study hard to that end, and to get the best job wherever it is that allows him to show those talents and rise in the world. The rest is just crap.

Pacquiao did not become the greatest boxer of all time by thinking of his country. He did it by fighting to the best of his ability and when he became champion he included Filipinos in his glory. Do the same. If you amount to nothing by staying in the Philippines, nobody will want to be a part of you.

You owe your parents for your education and not your goddamn country, not even if you came from UP which is partly subsidized because what made you a good student was not the subsidy but your study. All the more so if your parents paid for your entire education. Kiss their feet. You owe it all to them and only to them. The country can go to hell.”

— Teddy Boy Locsin

From the Teddy Wan Kenobi Q & A with Jessica Zafra’s blog readers.

Photo by Brian Gurrola