One of the many outcomes of being away for a month was that I didn’t have much of a chance to blow my money on Starbucks. Unlike in the previous two years, visiting the coffee shop everyday was practically a must if only to collect 21 or so stickers to get the planner for the next year.

When the excitement over the coffee-flavored planner died down, I’d often forget to bring the thing with me. Most of the time, it ended up languishing in some dusty corner of my room for weeks on end until I’d remember that I had one. This would make me a bit guilty since I worked and spent on it anyway. And so then I’d lug the planner around, often adding an extra bulk in my already overstuffed bag.

The 2006 planner was so-so, but it came with coupons for discounts and freebies that could be availed on certain dates. The 2007 planner was more fun, but the ring binding was horrible. I’d often find myself re-adjusting the ring bind to make sure that the leaves wouldn’t fall out when I opened/closed the planner.

starbucks 2007 planner

I heard mixed reviews of the planner for this year. Some said the paper used was sub-standard while some praised the ruled pages. But since I’m more of an Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar user, I figured that I could pass on this year’s planner and do all my scheduling stuff online. Also, I keep a small journal in my purse for short lists and reminders, or to write down a few thoughts. This works better for me.

starbucks 2007 planner

Or maybe because I’ve changed priorities lately that’s why I’ve not been as interested in this year’s planner as I was in the previous years. I want something I could use everyday, doesn’t take so much space in my bag, isn’t heavy or bulky. Something small and shiny, like that.

Or if I still end up getting interested in another planner, then there are a lot of enterprising Pinoys out there who collect these planners and then sell them on or

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