Malaysia’s infrastructure and road networks are pretty impressive, and because much of the country is “seismically stable,” its capital, Kuala Lumpur, enjoys having taller, larger buildings. Suffice it to say that its skyscrapers dwarf those tiny things in Manila masquerading as towers.

When they’re not driving at 100 kph on their fine highways, Kuala Lumpur residents are stuck in rush-hour traffic. Notice the lush greenery in the background, however. It’s as if all the city’s highways are lined with rain forests.

Putrajaya is a city that’s still pretty much under construction. Being planned as the administrative centre of Malaysia, it is host to the site of key government buildings, such as those of the justice ministry, finance ministry, and the residence of the country’s Prime Minister. The best way to get around Putrajaya for sightseeing is by taxi and van rentals. Forget about trying to walk around the place; while everywhere is picturesque, the city is infernally hot.

The Putrajaya Convention centre’s roof looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The structure looks formidable up close.

The Prime Minister’s building

The Ministry of Justice Building… I think.

I believe this is a telecoms company’s building.
Peace is possible, it is.

They just know how to build beautiful bridges. This district in Putrajaya showcases a number of awe-inspiring bridges that are a mix of good engineering and modern design. Just look at the angles on this structure.

Seri Saujana Bridge’s steel girders, up close

I saw the signs 


 Public display of affection is generally frowned upon. You can’t make out at this park in a KL suburb.

These dress codes are strictly followed in mosques, unlike those dress codes posted on Catholic and denominational churches in RP.

 Malaysia is a fine country 🙂 You can bring, but not consume, food and drinks in public vehicles.

 Don’t hassle the bus driver by giving large notes and expecting him to give your change ASAP. He’s driving at 100 kph.

If you don’t line up early enough for tickets at Petronas, this message will welcome you. Be there before 8 or 9, to be safe.

Queuing up at the ladies’ loos.

No, I’m not!

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