Anabell’s Kitten at 8 Weeks by endbradley

I’ve been thinking of either adopting or buying a cat. Thanks to the curious incidence of the smelly dog last year, I have become a cat person. And because the apartment which I share with two other women is too small, there is not doubt that the perfect fourth member of our household will be a cat. I like cats–they’re low maintenance, smart, won’t stink up the apartment if properly litter trained, and can help prevent the proliferation of rodents and roaches which I notice have been frequently paying our unit a visit lately.

Notwithstanding the host of pusakals that have made our apartment building their home, I still want my own cat, so that leaves me with two options: buy one or get in touch with PAWS to check if they have a kitty for adoption. Whichever option I pursue will mean the cat will already have left a gaping hole in my pocket even before it becomes a formal member of our household. I never knew that the smallest feline costs thousands, and that does not even include vet, food, and grooming. Hmmm…maybe I should just really watch out for a baby pusakal (pusakalette?) in our compound then.