I’m not familiar with the cartoon/anime, so I can’t say much about how much the characters were changed from TV to film. But  perhaps apart from the less than convincing acting by Noah Ringer as Aang (yes, I believe his name’s pronunciation should be “Aahng”) and Nicola Peltz as Katara, or with M Night Shyamalan directing, the film itself is not so bad that it’s a total waste of time…especially if you have loads of it on a lazy Sunday, haha!

Jackson Rathbone is so cute and always looks like he’s on the verge of breaking into a tears.  Isn’t his character supposed to be Asian? I can forgive the filmmakers for casting Jasper… I mean Jackson.

Prince Zuko is one wounded kid, literally and otherwise. Dev Patel is a talented actor in spite of the awkward kung fu, ’nuff said.

Where did I see Commander Zhao? Oh right! He’s the dude that Sandra Bullock fired in The Proposal.

Fire Lord Ozai is Maori? I’ve no problem with that. But why are all the villains Indians? In cheongsam? And samurai gears? Why is Princess Yueh annoying?

The part where the northern Water nation soldiers were waiting for the Fire people to attack reminds me a lot about the battle of Helm’s Deep in The Two Towers. 

Jackson Rathbone is cute.  At least Noah Ringer has the moves; you gotta give it to the kid for knowing his martial arts. Will there be a sequel?