From his practice session with Marat Safin last week. I hope Nike has the exact same jacket design for women, gold bands and all, and available in size-1.

Backside (pun intended 🙂 )

From Roger Federer’s teaser photo about his Wimby garb on Facebook. Nice marketing ploy, Nike, but can you please make these RF kits for women as well?

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UPDATE 1: It looks like Roger is walking on to Centre Court with a suit reminiscent of Wimby ’06 and ’07, only with gold bands/piping and a military feel to it. Even fashion-wise, the British press keeps cooking up a Fed-Murray rivalry.

UPDATE 2: It’s official. This is Roger’s Wimby 2009 jacket as posted on his Facebook profile. I prefer the sporty jacket, but if there’s anybody who can rock a military-style top at a tennis event, it’s Federer. I can’t imagine Murray strutting in this kit without raising Ana Wintour’s brows.

UPDATE 3: I like the jacket, the shoes, and certainly the bag. I’m not sure about the pants, but I hope he wears it right when he gets 15th.

Roger Federer's Wimbledon 2009 outfit

Oh Roger, chuck the pants and the vest. The military jacket is fine as it is. You’re not supposed to look like you were serving actual food, just bagels and bread sticks, which you can serve pretty well wearing your usual outfit.