I normally hit my bed at 3 AM on weeknights and 5.30AM on weekends. Somehow, tonight, I think I have to sleep earlier than usual. I’ve just consumed my second mug of coffee to no avail. Words wouldn’t come out of my head, I can’t focus and I’m just very very tired. I’ll hold off writing about nerdy bits of my geeky world until tomorrow.

I have been playing in the past 3 Saturdays with “the other group” due to the fact that Titans hasn’t had it’s Saturday games in 6 weeks now. I’m about as sure that the next Saturday games will be canceled again. I don’t think the group is going to survive, given that in spite of a number of people’s request for games, we haven’t had one in over a month. Also, membership in the games have dwindled in the past four months because (1) there was no website and therefore no way to gather its remaining members in one place, and (2) game schedules have been unpredictable. I have had an experience when I went to The Zone only to find out that the games for that Saturday were canceled. After that experience, I have been forced to text the organizers each time I planned to attend the games. I can’t blame the organizers, of course; making court reservations and providing shuttles for the games are already a stretch on their part. Still, something’s gotta be done if the group is to survive for, say, another year.

badminton I really feel sad about Titans, and it feels worse when people ask if the group still exists or if we’d have Saturday games because they want to play, and I can’t give them a 100% yes. I miss the old days too–the friendship (real and imagined), the chika, the out-of-town trips, the gimmicks, the after-games dinners.

For now, I’m playing Thursdays and holidays at BCMI with the Baddicts group, PowerSmash on most Saturdays, Blu Rackets with Headstrong on Mondays. I just got invited to join two badminton groups, so I’m trying one out this Monday at Powersmash and another, which plays at 9PM onwards on Wednesdays, at The Zone. Let’s see where the next few weeks will take this badminton stuff.

Hmmm…somehow being just an ordinary player allows for more options. Maybe we’ll bump into each other again, somehow.

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  1. Hi there…reading your old post, makes me want to inform you one thing.
    Perhaps you know already that BluRackets has been closed. Currently some of “us” are still playing together on some different venues. Please reply me at lembu_boy@yahoo.com for further details.
    Do really wish you to play together with us again.

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