Manhattan, NYCJust taking time out to do some last-minute blogging before I leave for the airport. I’m flying to NYC early in the morning.

All that packing’s been a b*tch and I still don’t know if my bag is still within the allowed weight limit. Hotel issue semi-resolved, all the necessary papers readied, two thermals, work clothes and a pair of boots packed, I think I’m ready for the month-long trip. I still have to get a pair of winter boots becauseI don’t think that the one I’ve got can really protect my feet against the city’s icy weather.

No badminton for at least a month. Everything should have been prepared earlier so that I could still have attend tonight’s games. I love Saturday evenings because of badminton and…something else, that I end up counting how many more nights should pass before 6.30 or 7.30 PM of Saturday rolls around again.

First NYC trip. First Thanksgiving. First winter. And I hope that there won’t be any hassles anymore.