I had to ask what day Christmas would fall on, not because I was in a celebratory mood but because I wanted to know when my days off would be. I was just glad to know that I’d have FIVE whole days free. But due to the two days of productivity lost thanks to the flight back to Manila and two more days spent nearly entirely on following up network setting activations and some stuff about tech setups, I figured I just might have to cancel my planned extra holiday.

I don’t know if I’ve been too self-absorbed, too dazed, too tired or I just didn’t care at all, but I nearly missed the fact that Christmas was fast approaching, like, in a couple of days. I attended a Christmas party in NYC, but that was about it. While everybody was in a jolly Christmas-y mood in the past week and filing leaves left and right, I was just too tired to bother. I don’t know which was worse–not knowing Christmas was just a few days away because there were ten million things you had to attend to, or not really caring at all about Christmas because you realize that there are a lot of *other* things you still have to attend to.

Whichever it is, I don’t have a lot of high hopes for the holidays. One good thing about not being too caught up Christmas, though, is that as of last checking, my bank account is still a little intact. I have to settle my phone bills, my internet connection, cable TV and credit cards, but otherwise, there are checks still waiting for me in January and more gigs in line waiting or my attention if only I’d have the discipline and the focus.

So anyway, I have one more extra day to do whatever I wish, which is basically watch Enchanted, Elizabeth and The Golden Compass before the dreadfully dull, insipid cliches parading as “films” hijack the local movie houses for the yearly Metro Manila Film Festival. Seriously, movie-makers or whoever you people call yourselves, the reason why the local film industry is on its knees is not because the public prefers the dibidis sold right under the NBI offices in Quiapo, but because local films suck. We’ve just had enough of Mano PoEnteng Kabisote, and Shake Rattle and Roll. We’re tired of watching the same films with the same formula over and over again.