Episode 4 of season 3 is easily one of my favorites in the hit British sitcom The IT Crowd. When the IT department’s Relationship Manager Jen is awarded Employee of the Month, the supposed success gets into her head, so she goes around imposing her superiority on Moss and Roy.  But when Moss reminds her that she has to give a speech about IT, a subject she knows absolutely nothing about, she asks her subordinates for help in preparing her speech. The two men think she ought to be put in her proper place by embarrassing her at the award’s presentation, and so they conjured a clever idea of having Jen present “The Internet” during her speech.

In this scene, Moss and Roy introduce “The Internet” to Jen:

This tutorial shows you how to make the Internet. Note that it must not weight a thing, it is wireless, and it must be placed at a high altitude, i.e., at the top of Big Ben, for better reception. And if you must move it, you must ask an elder, such as “the Hawk” himself, to demagnetize the contraption.

Fascinating, this Internet, it is.