Jet-lag was one of the many banes of my travel experience. This is something I could relate to and should have read earlier:

“I’d never have chosen to spend the next 160 hours out of sync, but now that I’m here, I’ll see where it takes me. The rules for handling jet lag are not so different from the ones on the back of your medication: do not operate heavy machinery while under its influence and do not make important decisions (unless, being a C.E.O. or head of state, you have to). Expect dizziness, headaches and tiredness; do not write checks, compute taxes or make any proposals of marriage in this state. Exposure to direct sunlight can be highly beneficial.

“Jet lag remains one of the great unmentionables of long-distance travel, as if not to speak of it is to help it go away. But it remains one of the great unavoidables, too, which many of us treat like man-made cycles of the moon (or that February cold we have to put up with). The heart of travel, though, is that the sights are always less important than the eyes you’re seeing with — and jet lag, if seen in the right light, can open up the world.”

New York Times

It takes about five to seven days for me to adjust to the new time zone, whether I few in east or west. Mayo Clinic offers some advice to travelers who are crossing several time zones:

  • Get plenty of rest before your flight.
  • If you’re traveling east, try going to bed one hour earlier and one hour later if you’re flying west.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight.
  • Get some sleep on the plane if it’s nighttime at your destination.
  • Try melatonin supplements.
  • Grin an bear it. Your body will adjust eventually.

Next time, I would surely get more sleep before hopping onto the next plane since I don’t get to sleep that well in cramped plane coaches, and getting upgraded to business class is a long shot. The couple of nights prior to my trip were mostly spent packing, but I guess I’d be wiser next time and try to not bring too much stuff. I don’t know if I’d be traveling again anytime soon, but just in case.