Bedimpled illustrator Patrick Moberg fell in love while riding in a train from Union Square to Bowling Green in New York so he came up with this sweet illustration and set up the site, NY Girl of My Dreams, to find her.

NY Girl of My Dreams

Click the image for the larger version. Help Patrick Moberg find the rosy-cheeked brunette who caught his fancy.

This is too saccharine to miss. I am not into this kind of mush, but the world just might learn a lesson or two from the L-train story of this (hopefully not) emo dude…well, he almost is emo…such as taking chances, not letting your nerves get the best of you or being brave enough to approach her and if she thinks you’re a freak, then at least you tried. I hope he finds her and that this story doesn’t launch a thousand copycats. Whether blue gym shorts over blue tights will be the fashion staple for the next season is too early to say, but some people believe that this is a stuff worthy of a romantic comedy movie script or a contemporary dude lit.

Mr. Moberg works for Vimeo, so his boss asked him to be in this video to discuss the NY chick of his fantasies. This is so very Finding Love 2.0.


He found her.