grey's anatomyI finished watching the end of season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy last night. I didn’tfollow the series on TV, but since it had a strong showing in the recent Emmys, my curiosity was piqued and so I decided to buy the DVD. It’s strongest point isn’t so much the medical drama theme but that it’s character driven. It’s about struggling medical intern Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her circle of surgeons in training friends. Meredith comes from a broken family, a daughter of a legendary surgeon mother who suffers from an advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, a former girlfriend to an attending surgeon who never informed her about his real marital status and dumped her when hotshot surgeon and drop-dead sexy should’ve-been ex-wife arrived in town. 

Each episode deals with a particular theme: competition, forgiveness, and even superstitions dramatized within the walls of Seattle Grace Hospital where Meredith and friends Izzie (Katherine Heigl), George (TR Knight), Alex (Justin Chambers) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) serve as interns under some of the city’s best medical practitioners, Drs. Derek Shepherd/”McDreamy” (Patrick Dempsey), Burke (Isaiah Washington) and Bailey/”Nazi”.

As always, there’s the usual casual encounters, the dreamy married guy who can’t make himself available for real to the one he really loves, the perfect guy who falls for the girl but whose feelings can’t be matched by the object of his affection (McVet), heavenly charming but sickly stud (Denny–sheesh, the death scene can make you cry buckets) and of course, professional competition and problem parents. There are the seemingly oh-so-perfect characters, such as the very neat and super confident Dr. Burke, uber-professional Dr. Bailey and Meredith’s competition, Addison Shepherd with her perfectly blow-dried red tresses, legs that reach up to there, stratospheric IQ level and the fighting spirit worthy of Xena (Bailey to Karev: “You burn her, she burns back.” Addison to Karev: “I’ll have your ass until I’m satisfied.”).

Denny Duquette - Grey's AnatomyOh yeah, there’s the favorite hang-out too (nearly all series have the typical bar where characters converge after a long day’s toil to talk about their latest misadventures), Joe’s, the usual pet, Dog. And as always, the lead has a heart of gold and is everybody’s go-to girl, but when it comes to love she can be just as weak as the next patient. But I think this is the strongest selling point of the story: it has characters whose weakneses watchers can relate with. This is, in the first place, about loss, love and generally what it’s like to be human. I also like it that the show has a good sense of diversity, featuring a multi-enthnic/racial cast (not just showing a token African) which includes Asians, Latins and Africans, as well as gays (Joe and cute bf) and lesbian characters.

Derek is definitely McDreamy, but Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), even when he eventually turns McDead, is downright McCharming.