Fitness First RSC

Who knew that the gym would still have a considerable number of people on a Valentines night? As my “consultant” (new marketing speak for Account Manager) quipped, belong na belong tayo! 

Even after a number of years of not going out on Valentines, flexing one’s muscles and burning calories at a nearby fitness club is a novelty, and that’s a welcome thought. I have just renewed my personal fitness package, thankful that I could use my rebate as discount for the next round of sessions with my trainer. So far, I have lost roughly 4% of body fat and increased muscle mass; am running at a faster pace; lifting weights that would have injured me before I started on the regimen; dancing 20 minutes monstop;  started on BodyCombat; and best of all, trimmed 3 inches off my waistline. 
I totally fit into my old jeans and skirts again. No Spanx needed, haha! And i’m just getting started.
Happy VD.