After 17 hours of air travel, I landed at JFK Airport. Thank God, Keng, my friend from UP, picked me up. Otherwise, I’d have completely lost my way around even at just the airport itself. Traveling to NYC with Mary was great too. She’s been here a couple of times before, so she knows her way around the city.

We parted at the airport when Keng arrived. From the there, Keng and I took the air train’s Jamaica line, then transferred to an E train and got off at 42nd street…right beside Times Square. At 42nd, we took a 129 bus to Secaucus, NJ, where my hotel is located. It’s supposed to be just a 15-minute bus drive, but we took the wrong bus. So after figuring out that we were lost, we decided to take a cab. The very nice cab driver brought us to my hotel and told us where to take the bus on the way back to NYC. So far, so good. My room is very nice. I hope that it doesn’t take that long to get from here to the office in NYC.

I’m very very very tired since I hardly had any sleep in the past four days. Thank God, I bought a couple of thermals in Manila. The cold here feels like 10,000 ice cones falling on you all at once. It’s just terribly cold, and it will still get colder in the following weeks.

After I have settled, Keng and I walked to nearby Chili’s beside Leowe’s Cinema. For a total of $27, we had huge slabs of baby back ribs, chicken, fries and corn on a cob. Keng has been heaven-sent. I was very worried until he showed up.