My sister and I were walking out of the Makati Prime compound yesterday evening when we smelled something that resembled burnt wires, and then saw dark smoke coming out of a fourth floor unit of the building next to ours. There were only three other people on the street, and one of them was a clueless guard to whom we pointed out what was initially just a slightly ominous dark smoke. He didn’t respond.

I found another security guard and alerted him about the smoke from the unit, and luckily, the guy had a working panic button. He ran immediately to the building and asked for help from the now not-clueless-anymore guard whom we first alerted.


About 5 minutes later, we started to see red flames inside the unit. Someone managed to hose the flames out with an extinguisher, but the stubborn flames re-emerged, and by then everybody knew that professional help was really needed. A full 10 minutes passed after the incident was reported when two fire trucks from nearby Makati Fire Station arrived.


I decided to hang around and make usi a little to see if the firemen would be able to put out the flames and prevent it from spreading to other units, as well as the nearby building where our apartment was.  Upon learning that I wouldn’t have to pack my stuff (basically, my entire life’s worth of whatever are in our apartment) and after taking a footage of all the excitement with my phone, my sister and I decided to go ahead with our shopping plans. Order was restored in the universe.

Inquirer came up with a slightly inaccurate report about the incident.