I had been planning to replace my trusty Motorola Q9H, which I got more than two years ago. Back then, the Moto looked so serious yet so sexy; and then the pesky iPhone and all manners of touchscreen mobiles arrived, so my trusty Moto looked just serious, full stop.

After having fully recovered what I had paid for the unit and knowing that I should get one that was both a smartphone (messaging, documents, calendar, internet) and a toy (apps, wi-fi, camera, sharing) and wouldn’t put a gaping hole in my pocket, I narrowed down my selection to mid-range offerings from both Korean brands, the unsexy Nokia line, and the sexy for-business Blackberry.  I spotted a somewhat nice LG running on Eclair, but the salesperson sweet talked me into upgrading to a brand that’s roughly P2k more expensive but with better specs, the HTC Wildfire, which runs on Android Eclair and sports a good 5MP camera with autofocus and a few basic white balance and ISO options. Basically, something that’s great for stealth picture taking 🙂

The box comes with a 2GB microSD, which is already preloaded with some apps that I don’t think I really need, but I have to check. For the longest time, I was satisfied with a 512MB microSD, so this is somewhat a huge leap. If I upgrade to 16GB, then we’re talking real business. For now, typing on touchscreen needs a lot of getting used to, but I will get by.

Here be the new toy mobile:

Sample shot: the dude who sold me the camera.  His salesmanship is good, and processes transactions in a jiffy. Say kimcheeee!

What I had, following the realization that I just made another charge on my plastic.