Ayeee! After five weeks of waiting, the claim stub for my Tennis Warehouse package arrived yesterday. Inside was the cute “Federbear” beanie baby bear and a white cotton shirt with gold monograms. Don’t ask who; it should be a dead giveaway. The shirt is a tad bigger than my size since it’s a men’s shirt, but that’s okay, I can have it fixed. I think.

Part of the Beanie’s proceeds goes to charity, so buying the Federbear is a good way of splurging on something that on the outset looks inconsequential. But ja! I want to join UNICEF’s effort to promote world peace and feed hungry children everywhere. There are millions of starving children in the Philippines alone because of runaway pro-creation among irresponsible and/or ignorant parents. Anyway, Mr. Bean is not the only one allowed to keep a teddy bear all the time. Plus, there are tennis champions who also advocate world peace, not just inspire online retail therapies.

Roger Federer Beanie Baby, Federbear

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