embroidery for beginners

I never thought I would ever take embroidery as a hobby. Whilst I learned cross-stitching back in uni and finished a few small projects, I abandoned stitching eventually in favour of new interests when I started working.

Last year, I dabbled in adult colouring to pass the time and for the most part, to take my mind away from the stresses of daily living, including completing projects at work, finding my way through corporate life, and putting together documents for my visa applications. However, it eventually lost its appeal in part because it did not work for the purpose that I had initially intended and in part because it became a boring and tedious activity. I still keep a pack of colouring pens and a couple of colouring books handy, but I don’t know when I’ll have the interest again to complete even a single page.

Now living in Perth and having a mum-in-law who’s a master in her craft eventually encouraged me to try embroidery. In the first place, I thought it had more use than colouring pages and the complexity and variety of stitching styles and techniques means there is so much to learn and keep me interested.

I’ve completed a stitching project since simply by referring to instructions from books, and I intend to get more done as I learn more from my mum-in-law and the ladies at the Embroiderers’ Guild of Western Australia where I’ve become a member this year.

Every time I see their works, I just marvel at the complexity of their projects and how neatly and expertly they’ve brought life to patterns and outlines. Now this is something I know will keep me interested for a very long time, especially because it has a lot of applications: from simple bookmarks and decors, to clothing, quilting and jewellery making.

But first, I have to start with the basics, and the following video is a great tutorial for basic stitches. Enjoy!