Endorsement, that is. Whoever is responsible for making Ely Buendia a lot more marketable than at any point post-Eraserheads is doing a very good job. You could imagine my pleasant surprise when I went to work last Monday and saw him asking me to open a bottle of happiness…

Ely Buendia Coke Zero billboard

…with Billy Joe Crawford and some girl I have no idea who. He swears he’s not wearing eyeliner, according to Jessica Zafra.

Ely Buendia Coke Zero billboard

Coming from the E-heads generation, a co-worker and I went all gaga over our man, the now Puma-kitted, clean-living, cuter-in-late-30s musical hero from way back in the ’90s. If Ely B is asking me to “open happiness,” why should I resist (especially when I can get the stuff for free)?

Coke Zero at work

UPDATE: Here is Ely’s Coke Zero TVC. Seventeen seconds is toooo short for Weng and I, Coke ladies.


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  1. Same here. I came from the Eraserheads generation (?) too and when I first saw the ad along EDSA…my oh my was all I can say. Each time the train stops at the Guadalupe station, I would crane my neck to see him. *sigh* I think that indeed he looks waaaay cuter today than he is some 13 or so years ago.

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