Small world. You just don’t know who you are going to bump into, who is related to whom, who will be occupying the table next to yours when all other tables are available.

But why can’t I run into him whenever I was in the area? I’d really love to…only I hope he wouldn’t be with anyone…at all.

Paul learned about the split only this morning. I guess he was just too happy about his coming wedding to realize that I’ve been wearing my broken heart on my sleeves these days. We talked about what happened, what I believed to be some reasons other than the racial issue the ex’s parents were too concerned about.

He had his heart broken too at the worst possible time. He told me what caused the breakups and how he coped with them. But the best advice that he gave was to let time heal everything. That was what he did. He waited for time to pass, he waited for the one. Now he is happy.

I wish everybody had Paul’s patience. I wish he had been patient. I wish I didn’t have to let time heal anything. I wish there was no need to heal anything at all.