With the early onset of monsoon season, it looks like this would be the scene that I’d have to witness every time I leave work for the next six months. Behold, the Pasong Tamo River.

The only time I would ever step into flood waters is if there was no_other_choice. As there were no available cabs willing to venture on the flooded stretch of Pasong Tamo (or Chino Roces, its new name) and jeepneys would not pick up passengers at the stop in front of my current office building, the only option left was a pricey pedicab ride to a spot that was not submerged in yucky waters. A block-and-a-half ride cost a whopping 20 bucks. Damn these rains and the pithy drainage work on this road!

These pedicabs charge more than taxis do.

On a brighter side, I took my first Makati pedicab ride and got a nice blogging material. Fun. I should seriously consider getting a car. This can’t go on forever.

Oops! Gotta keep the loafers dry. Beneath are icky flood waters rushing through the gaps on the pedicab’s floor.